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Testimonials and Quotes from Clients

"So Relaxing!  Lynn is a gifted massage therapist. The session was incredibly soothing, relaxing and effective. Her treatment helped me feel more relaxed and the tension in my body was completely gone by the end of our session. I highly recommend Lynn! She is a wonderful therapist."  NK - Asheville


"Lynn is a gifted massage therapist.  Not only is her talent second to none, her genuine bedside manner and concern for the holistic well being of her clients go beyond expectation.  We in Asheville are blessed with her practice right here in our backyard."  JM - East Asheville


"Thank you, Lynn. I am feeling great, as I expected. Your massages are simply and utterly transformative experiences for me. You have a gift in your hands, but I'm guessing that your gifted hands are really just an expression of the love and peaceful joy you find in your work. Bless you, Lynn, and thank you once more for conferring your blessing on me."  RP - S Asheville


"I started coming to Lynn with a frozen shoulder.  After a year of trying everything, such as orthopedic doctor, physical therapy and chiropractor without success, I came to you, and now I can lift my arm.  You performed a miracle for me.  I have had massages in the past but nothing compares to you.  You knew just what to do to help me.  Thank you so much.  I will continue my massages with you.  You are so kind and never fail to check on me after I have had a massage.  I will recommend you to everyone.  Thank you Lynn." MR - East Asheville


"Lynn is blessed with a healing touch and a generous, kind spirit, and all of these talents and gifts come together in her massage practice.  Peace, calm, and rejuvenation and an overall sense of well-being envelope me during my session." TB - North Asheville

"Massage has been a regular practice of mine for the last 20 years, as work moved me all over the US and Europe.  I thought I knew what a great massage was until I experienced the most wonderful massage I had ever Asheville!  There truly aren't words to describe Lynn's massages. She ROCKS!"  ET - South Asheville


"My gift to friends and loved ones on birthday's and holidays, and for no reason at all, is a "Lynn Massage".  After each recipient's massage, I inevitably get a call thanking me for the perfect gift of Lynn's work.  The request is always the same: "May I please have the same gift next year?"  MS - South Asheville

"We have had several massages with Lynn and have been very pleased with the results. Lynn is very professional and caring. We would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a massage."  Mr & Mrs A - West Asheville 


"For me, a massage is not only a form of relaxation, it helps me in healing pain and improving physical health. Conditioning daily for triathlons and marathons puts a strain on the body and can be mentally taxing as well - I reward myself to a massage with Lynn every month.  The massages drastically improve the tension and soreness I experience after large races and this has been helping me to stay healthy and happy. Lynn is flexible with her schedule and has any easy to access location - and to top it off, her massages are excellent.  I have had multiple massage therapists in Asheville, but I will now be sticking with Lynn going forward."  TB - Burnsville 

"Having a massage by Lynn is a treat! Even when I do not feel that I really need a massage, I am always pleased with the way I feel afterwards" KJ - Alexandria, NC 
"I felt so relaxed and fell asleep was so luxurious to receive a session from you Lynn" AR - Greenville, SC
"You have a nurturing touch and caring attitude towards your clients - thanks Lynn!" AF -Charlotte, NC 
"My shoulder pain of several months finally got relief! I feel 100% better!" EE - Black Mountain, NC
"Love that scalp massage that you do!" ES - North Asheville, NC
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